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Pick one of the resulting images based on playing prompts and use it for your next project.

Girl playing with a pink castle by Midjourney
Prompt text: Enchant Your Princess with the Ultimate Pink Castle Playset --ar 9:16
Toddler playing with colorful blocks by Midjourney
Prompt text: toddler playing small rectangular rainbow color blocks , smooth, beautiful, ethereal fog, afterglow --ar 16:9
Painting of kids playing in a puddle by Midjourney
Prompt text: 2 kids playing in park, 1950 comic, vibrant colours, extreme details , aesthetically pleasing.

More playing prompts

Man with mohawk and red hair sitting on the floor with a guitar by Midjourney
1990's punk rock album cover, edgy, no words. --v 6.0
Cat sitting in a server room with wires by Midjourney
a cat in a server room playing with a big ball. The ball is made up of network cables. Network cables are hanging from the server racks. It looks messy. The atmosphere of the image is dark and hopeless. The cat wears a collar that says "FI-TS". --v 6.0
Room with colorful carpet and slot machines by Midjourney
Low angle photo of a large las vegas casino gambling room with outlandishly garish carpet. There are several rows of modern neon slot machines near the camera on right side of the room, and none on the left. Blue and purple color grading. --v 6.0
Group of people sitting at a table in a casino by Midjourney
mexicans playing in a mexican casino, playing the "Aviator" game, photorealistic 8K building image, festive Mexico casino, green theme gradients, ultra-high resolution image. --v 6.0
Group of people playing poker by Midjourney
Create a captivating AI-generated image capturing the Sic-bo ambiance in an Asian casino. Illustrate a lively scene with players engaged in the Sic-bo game, surrounded by the vibrant atmosphere of the casino. Emphasize the rolling of the distinctive Sic-bo dice, showcasing the anticipation and excitement in the air. Incorporate the cultural elements and unique setting of an Asian casino to provide an immersive visual representation of the Sic-bo experience --ar 16:9 --v 6.0
Man and woman sitting on a blanket with a picnic box by Midjourney
A sketch of a young man in a 1920s suit, relaxed pose, sitting on a picnic blanket with his girlfriend, both laughing. They're surrounded by a park setting, with vintage cars in the distance. Details include a picnic basket, a gramophone playing, and trees. Created Using: pencil sketch, dynamic poses, soft shading, light sketch lines, period accurate clothing, joyful expressions, outdoor leisure activity, historical context, X prompt, hd quality, natural look --ar 4:3 --v 6.0
Gold trophy with black base by Midjourney
un trofeo de petanca con peana color dorado y sobre fondo blanco, foto de producto fotorealista --v 6.0
Bird flying in the air by Midjourney
Middle East eagle flight paintings july 2016, in the style of fine feather details, dark gray and light beige, ultrafine detail, colorful realism, exaggerated anatomy,2k 3d --chaos 30 --ar 2:3 --style raw --stylize 1000 --v 6.0
Bird flying on a branch by Midjourney
wide angle of a red-tailed hawk with its wings spread open, 64K, hyper quality, impressionism --s 50 --v 6.0
Close up of a pair of feet by Midjourney
anatomy painting of female feet of a black woman made by lucien freud --v 6.0
Stadium with a green field and a round roof by Midjourney
stadium scenery with natural lighting, expressive animation style, no painting, high details, hyperrealistic painting --v 6.0
Large stadium with a green field and a football field by Midjourney
PSG football stadium, natural light, hyper realistic photograph, ultra detailed --v 6.0
Two men fighting in a ring by Midjourney
hyperrealistic ufc octagon fighting --v 6.0
Person playing a keyboard by Midjourney
vintage magazine cover about synth --s 50 --v 6.0 --style raw
Person playing a synthesizer by Midjourney
/ monochrome. tarot card. The future of 1920. DMT. One person playing a per-colombian modular synth. --v 6.0
Parrot flying in the air by Midjourney
parrot --ar 16:9 --v 6.0
Train tracks with trees and grass by Midjourney
Train tracks on a beautiful day. --v 6.0
Volcano erupting with lava and smoke by Midjourney
xenu movie poster, space opera, zack snyder dceu, scientology, exploding volcano, larry fong 35mm cinematography --ar 2:3 --v 6.0
Tattoo of cards and poker chips by Midjourney
tattoo about poker
Poker chips and playing cards on fire by Midjourney
A deck of cards wiht flames. background logo of a stacks of poker chips
Man and woman sitting at a poker table by Midjourney
fun logo of a couple playing poker
Big man playing poker by Midjourney
A heavily obese guy with a IQ of 80 and beard, wearing metal music apparel is playing Poker. Photorealistic
Black and white drawing of a football player by Midjourney
coloring book, clean lines, simple, black and white, realistic, a soccer player, playing soccer
Man and boy holding a soccer ball by Midjourney
man proud of his son to soccer player,cartoon style
a 3d model of a small town by Midjourney
3d cartoon render low details. Isometric plaza with tons of shops in the surface, for ui website design made with blender, studio light, solid background
a screenshot of a computer by Midjourney
UI interface design for controlling direction, game style, simplicity and simple operation.
screens screenshot of a computer by Midjourney
in darkmode, scroll bar ui/ux tech, beautiful button, creative, unique, purple, futuriste, 8k
a screen shot of a phone by Midjourney
uxui application for an AI assistant, minimalist, simple, white interface, futuristic interface, perfect details, UX design, UI Design
a screenshot of a computer by Midjourney
ui ux interface desighn multiple dark colours 8k one ui 6.0 futuristic
a screenshot of a phone by Midjourney
an user interface with Glass morphism style
a screenshot of a computer by Midjourney
high-quality UI design, workflow that tracks process end to end for application between hospitals and vendors for medical devices web app, trending on Dribbble, Behance
a screenshot of a phone by Midjourney
a user interface for a mobile self-scheduling solution.
a man in a red shirt with a football ball in his hand by Midjourney
A soviet handball goalkeeper getting hit in the face with a ball from Rusia 1989's, thin, playing a match, retro film photo, analogue film, kodachrome film, wes anderson style, photo taken with a 35 mm lens, Iso 400, f4,1/20, 8k, HD realistic
a woman playing tennis by Midjourney
professional handlball:99 competition - in candid Pulitzer Prize-winning photography form, capturing a genuine moment Use a Canon EOS R5 camera with a 100mm lens at F 1.2 aperture setting to blur the background and isolate the subject
a group of boys running in a gym by Midjourney
college team of handball playing, film still, gilm grain, cinematic, dramatic light,
a painting of women playing rugby by Midjourney
athletes playing sports and getting piad; digital painting, minimalistic
a group of people playing football by Midjourney
Close up of many soccer players kicking a football on a field,competition scene,in the style of photo taken with provia, high quality
a group of kids playing football by Midjourney
On a green grass field, a group of children are playing soccer, kicking a black and white soccer ball with enthusiasm, their laughter echoing in the air, Side view, montage photography, abstract expressionism, 32K, high resolution
a person kicking a football ball by Midjourney
foot of kid kicking football ball on grass playing field
a drawing of a man kicking a football ball by Midjourney
robots playing football, black and white sketch, really rough
a woman playing hockey with a stick by Midjourney
a girl playing field hockey passionately, side view, comic drawing, black, blue and white
a group of people playing hockey by Midjourney
On the icy hockey rink, a black hockey puck slides swiftly across the smooth surface, propelled by the players' skillful sticks, silhouette photography, painted, 32K, hyper quality
a man in a red jersey playing hockey by Midjourney
field hokey player shooting, professional color grading, soft shadow, no contrast,clean sharp focus, photography
a hockey players playing hockey by Midjourney
Minimalist vector illustration of an ice hockey match, flat design, bold primary colors, dynamic composition, focus on the flying puck, hockey stick silhouette
a man playing tennis by Midjourney
man playing tennis with net in the style of minimalistic drawings, blue, minimalist: spare simplicity, letras y figuras,
a man playing tennis by Midjourney
A tennis player is swinging a racket, hitting the ball with precision and power, the bright yellow ball leaving a trail in the air, Side view, Continuous Action Puzzle, Classicism, 32K, high resolution
a painting of a man playing tennis by Midjourney
In the tennis hall, the resourceful teenager is moving flexibly and hitting the ball accurately, miniatures, neo-expressionism, 64K, hyper quality
a woman playing tennis by Midjourney
a woman playing tennis, graphic design inspired illustration, herb trimpe, flat vector image, minimalist, Animated gifs, colors dark teal and light yellow

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