100+ person Midjourney prompts

Pick one of the resulting images based on person prompts and use it for your next project.

Man and woman holding hands in front of a colorful wall by Midjourney
Prompt text: black couple arguing style of Mr. Brainwash, ultrahigh res, raw, ar
Man in suit and wind turbines by Midjourney
Prompt text: mix of solar panel, wind farm, batteries connected on the power grid managed by a women data scientist with his computer
Man helping another man climb a mountain by Midjourney
Prompt text: Create an image where a guy dressed in jeans and a black shirt is climbing a mountain. Each step represents a stage to be overcome on the ascent to success. In this image, there is also another well-dressed person at the top with their arm extended, ready to help the colleague who is climbing.
Woman in armor in a field of grass by Midjourney
Prompt text: most beautiful blonde woman in armor, background is fields with fire
Man sitting on a weight bench by Midjourney
Prompt text: The theme of the image should be focused on health and fitness for men in their 40s. I would like to illustrate that diet and workout habits don't drastically change with age. Imagery: I'd like to depict a fit man in his 40s engaged in resistance training and maintaining a healthy diet rich in protein. The image should have a vibrant and motivating vibe. Carousel Aspect: This is for a carousel post, so the design should guide the viewer to swipe right. The subsequent images could break down the main image into parts, showing close-ups of resistance training, diet elements, etc., or be a continuation of the main theme. Branding: Please ensure the design aligns with my brand's aesthetics and color scheme. the image should be photorealistic
Man sitting at a desk using a laptop by Midjourney
Prompt text: In the university dormitory, a student is using ideas and materials to make a video project lasting about 5 minutes
Man in a yellow robe by Midjourney
Prompt text: A Chinese man with a beard is wearing a yellow robe and a hat, standing in a room with a golden background, Side view, full body, 64K, hyper quality
Happy man in a laundry room by Midjourney
Prompt text: A laundromat employee smiling and laughing while looking inside of a red tote bag they are holding, modern clothing. Soft natural light. Pair an outstanding high-resolution camera like the Hasselblad H6D-400c MS with a premium prime lens like the Hasselblad HC 80mm f/2.8 to deliver an exceptional level of detail and sharpness. The camera's remarkable 400-megapixel resolution, 15-stop dynamic range, and True Focus II autofocus system combine to create a stunningly realistic image. --ar 7:6 --v 5.1
Marilyn Monroe black and white vintage photo by Midjourney
Prompt text: Professional vintage black and white Photo of a Marilyn Monroe, wearing a band tshirt, short curly hair, modern casltle, Rome, rustic, stormy skies, winter weather, wind, fountains, rose garden, haze, at a formal event, elegant, real photography, fujifilm superia, full HD, taken on a Canon EOS R5 F1. 2 ISO100 35MM, award - winning photo --v 5.2 --ar 16:9 --style raw
Woman standing in a forest looking at a building by Midjourney
Prompt text: Photography, shot taken with a Nikon D850 with a 35mm lens of a 35year old female jungle explorer dressed in traditional cloths, emerging from the jungle into a open tropical plain with a Mayan temple ruin in the distance. --ar 3:2 --v 5
Girl with red hair looking away by Midjourney
Prompt text: beautiful redhead, hyper-realistic, 35mm Nikon, full body view, uplighting --v 5
Basketball player Kobe Bryant in motion by Midjourney
Prompt text: basketball in space, 3d, kobe, shoes
Boy surfing in the ocean by Midjourney
Prompt text: beautiful boy who surfs the sea above the waves --v 5.1 --s 750
Teenagers standing on a beach with surfboards by Midjourney
Prompt text: realistic picture of friends getting ready for a surf adventure
Baby sitting on a blanket by Midjourney
Prompt text: A cute baby sitting next to a plain white picture frame on the floor, in a boho inspired nursery, natural and relaxed lighting, natural relaxed pose, social media inspired, light colored background, social media style, hyper reaslism
Man sitting in front of a pile of Bitcoins by Midjourney
Prompt text: NFT, bitcoin trader, face side angle, wall paper , ultra detail , professional design --ar 3:2
Girl wearing headphones and reading a book by Midjourney
Prompt text: A ten-year-old little girl hear music, green eyes, curly hair Braided hair, Disney cartoon style --ar 4:3
Nurse in a white uniform by Midjourney
Prompt text: front view. full body.cons-diving. the beautiful nurse has a white cap on her head, a fitted white shirt and a little short white skirt. background: a hospital --s 750
Man wearing a beanie and a black coat in park by Midjourney
Prompt text: a closeup photo of a 30yo man in the park, Nikon D850
Man holding a light bulb by Midjourney
Prompt text: a realistic good looking business man in a suite that holds a light bulb in his hand
Man in a suit holding his back by Midjourney
Prompt text: business man with back pain
Man in a suit by Midjourney
Prompt text: full body, head-to-toe frontal shot of a man in relaxed but classy business casual clothes. He is 6'4", slim build, 55 years old, very pale but healthy. He looks cool as all hell. Blank white background
Woman in a white lab coat by Midjourney
Prompt text: portrait of a confident smiling female white european doctor with stethoscope cross one’s arms standing in hospital lab, super realistic, high resolution, taken by professional photographer, commercial lighting --ar 3:2
Woman with curly hair wearing a purple shirt by Midjourney
Prompt text: a young woman is posing for a photo, in the style of light brown and purple, vacation dadcore, transavanguardia, emphasis on facial expression, shiny/glossy, natural fibers, karencore --ar 25:22 --s 750
Woman carrying a backpack and a water bottle by Midjourney
Prompt text: phot realistic picture of an attractive woman in her 30s in sports clothing with a backpack during summer walking through berlin and holding a black water bottle. high resolution, 8k
Woman holding a glowing ball by Midjourney
Prompt text: Feel the power of the Intuitive Ability Permanent Enhancement Spell as it works through you, building your connection to the unseen energies that guide intuition. With this spell, you'll find yourself attuned to the subtle nuances of people's thoughts, feelings, and intentions. As you continue on your journey, your extrasensory perception will become more refined, helping you make better decisions and deepen your relationships. Take a step further and unlock the full potential of your subconscious mind, accessing the wisdom that resides within. The more you engage with this spell, the stronger it becomes. Experience a life transformed by enhanced intuition! --ar 16:9
Man with white hair and a mustache holding up two fingers by Midjourney
Prompt text: albert einstein showing a peace sign, vector --ar 90:60
Smiling man in dental chair by Midjourney
Prompt text: photo of man in dental chair, close up, teeth cleaning
Woman in a white dress walking through a field by Midjourney
Prompt text: a woman in a serene forest, standing in an open field graceful forms, flowing fabrics, light and shadow play shot on Kodak Ektachrome 100 --style raw --ar 14:9
Woman holding a pink flower by Midjourney
Prompt text: A constructed photography, beautiful woman, summer morning, ivory and pink, minimalism, in the style of caravaggesque, portraiture with emotion, light-focused --ar 4:5
Man in a suit holding a gun by Midjourney
Prompt text: Elon Musk as US President holding an AR15 surrounded by battleships with jets and eagles flying overhead and a american flag background
Person sitting on the edge of a river by Midjourney
Prompt text: A serene silhouette of a person meditating in a classic lotus pose, surrounded by elements of nature like trees, mountains, and a gentle flowing river. Minimalistic and zen-inspired. Soft, natural lighting to create a soothing ambiance. T-shirt design graphic, vector, contour, white background
Woman wearing white lingerie lying on a bed by Midjourney
Prompt text: Glamour shot of a captivating woman, adorned in a chic, white crochet lingerie set, reclines on a bed of silk sheets in a penthouse suite. Her body is angled in a sensual pose, one leg bent at the knee, creating a playful yet alluring silhouette. Soft lights, romantic glow on her skin, highlighting her curves and the intricate details of her lingerie. Her eyes, full of mischief and allure, meet the camera with an inviting gaze. The scene exudes an air of sophistication, sensuality, and a hint of playful flirtation. Mixed-Race Woman, Chic White Crochet Lingerie, Silk Sheets, Penthouse Suite, City Lights, Soft Romantic Glow, Sophistication, Sensuality, Flirty, Alluring Gaze, High Detail, Photorealistic, Night Lighting, Sensual Feminine Pose. --ar 3:2 --s 500 --style expressive --niji 5
Woman with curly hair and eyes closed by Midjourney
Prompt text: Casting shot, a 20 year old Brazilian woman, with an expression of ecstasy --ar 16:9 --style raw
Woman with curly hair and a surprised expression by Midjourney
Prompt text: Casting shot, a 20 year old Brazilian woman, with an expression of embarrassment --ar 16:9 --style raw
Woman looking at the camera by Midjourney
Prompt text: Casting shot, a 20 year old american woman, with an expression of annoyance --ar 16:9 --style raw
Woman making an aggressive face by Midjourney
Prompt text: Casting shot, a 20 year old Dutch woman, with an expression of aggressiveness --ar 16:9 --style raw
Vito Corleone - Godfather sitting in a chair by Midjourney
Prompt text: Vito Corleone --v 5.2 --ar 4:3 --s 750
Woman with blonde hair and blue eyes by Midjourney
Prompt text: headshot of a french female model with blonde hair, green eyes, dreamy, taken on kodak portra 400, --v 5.0 --s 250 --ar 16:9
Woman sitting and looking at a computer by Midjourney
Prompt text: Stock photography. Over the shoulder shot of a woman with brown curly hair in a business suite, sitting at an office desk, using a desktop computer on a sunny day. We see her back and hair but not face. Show the computer screen that is large.
Old woman posing in the gym by Midjourney
Prompt text: an older lady in sweat pants posing in a 70s gym in a turquoise tone
Man Doctor selfie by Midjourney
Prompt text: a black doctor selfie
Female model in a pink sweater and skirt by Midjourney
Prompt text: **21 year old spanish female model wearing a detailed pink crochet miniskirt, full body shot, bright and sunny day
Woman with red hair portrait near the sea by Midjourney
Prompt text: fine - art, award winning, realistic photography of a 35 year old woman in profile, sharp eyes, with detailed skin texture pills and small defects, wearing a black dress, in minimalist style, contemporan clothes, closed hair, at the beach stormy weather, strong waves
Man in a white boat captains hat in front of a marina by Midjourney
Prompt text: man, just a little less good looking, wearing a white boat captain hat in front of a marina --s 50
Man sitting on a motorcycle reading a newspaper by Midjourney
Prompt text: A close-up of A gentleman in a suit sitting on a Honda cb1100rs bike looking at a men's fashion magazine, Nikon D850, 24-70mm lens, late afternoon, Fujifilm elvia film, 8k --v 5.0 --s 250
Vandetta man in mask and hat by Midjourney
Prompt text: Anthropomorphic gangster Stormtrooper, monochrome Vintage photo from 1901 --ar 4:5 --c 10 --style raw
Rapper Joey Badass dressed as a baseball player in the 1920s by Midjourney
Prompt text: rapper joey badass dressed as a baseball player in the 1920's --ar 16:9

More person prompts

a person cooking food in a pan by Midjourney
A housewife is cooking a delicious home-cooked dish in the kitchen, Extreme closeup, stop method, stippling, UHD, high detail
a chef cooking food in a kitchen by Midjourney
white chef, cooking food,reality style,8k resolution, high quality detail,, real person,no background,reality style,8k resolution, high quality detail,
a person holding a yellow umbrella in the rain by Midjourney
A yellow umbrella is floating in the rain, hidden exposure method, Graphic Novel, 4K, HDR
a person cooking pasta in a pan by Midjourney
hyperrealistic photo of person cooking Italian pasta, bright and modern kitchen, 4k photo
a person cooking food on a stove by Midjourney
A cook is cooking a delicious meal in the kitchen, and the stove is fragrant, macro photography, perspective drawing, 8K, HDR
a person cooking in a kitchen by Midjourney
Chinese cooking teachers cook delicacies in the kitchen and fantasize about the taste of each dish, silhouette photography, new objectivity, 4K, HDR
a person cooking food in a pan by Midjourney
In a bustling kitchen, a frying pan sizzles with the aroma of delicious food being cooked, the chef skillfully flipping ingredients with a spatula, vignetting photography, Two-dimensional, 32K, HDR
emoji in the rain by Midjourney
september 16th Sad Emoji Looking Down Rain Texture Backdrop lofi album cover
a person holding a plate of food by Midjourney
A food blogger is photographing a beautiful dish surrounded by a variety of presentation and cooking tools, stop method, CG characters, 32K, high detail
a food on a plate by Midjourney
A food blogger is recording a video of the creation of a beautiful home-cooked dish, High and short depth of field, Graphics, 32K, high resolution
a man holding a camera by Midjourney
spritesheet isometric person with jeans and white shirt holding camera 8-bit graphics walking
a isometric bedroom with a person sitting on a bed by Midjourney
Subject:Isometric view of a cartoon character in a boxed room, white backround in the style of a pixel game | Colors: Ghibli | retro, 4 bits, minimalistic
a website with a black background by Midjourney
UI/UX intetface design side Behance Dribbble, unusual design of an online store selling T-shirts in Japanese style
a screenshot of a computer by Midjourney
UI component design including text button, icon button, slider, checkbox, and dial. style with fluent design
a screenshot of a computer by Midjourney
UI component design including text button, icon button, slider, checkbox, and dial. Flat design. don't use gradient, FHD size
a screenshot of a computer by Midjourney
Create a UI set for a female-oriented game that is sleek, with a consistent branding, primarily utilizing shades of purple, blue, and white as the main color palette with a cool undertone. Incorporate feminine elements where appropriate. The visuals should evoke a sense of fashion, technological advancement, and futurism
a person kicking a football ball by Midjourney
The football is falling from the sky, in the air, and in slow motion, about to land, 32 look, fujifilm xt100, close-up,
a person kicking a football ball by Midjourney
foot of kid kicking football ball on grass playing field
a person kicking a football ball by Midjourney
focus on leg kicking ball, ball at the foot, dirt, realistic, sunny, day, cinematic,
a hockey puck in the water by Midjourney
A hockey puck slides across the smooth ice, leaving a trail of frost in its wake, as players chase after it with determination, degree offset method, manga, 8K, hyper quality
a hockey puck falling on ice by Midjourney
In a fast-paced ice hockey game, a black hockey puck glides across the smooth ice, leaving a trail of frost behind, track photography, Dadaism, UHD, high detail
a person wearing hockey gear and holding a stick by Midjourney
detailed hockey inspired very full closeup backgrund
a close up of ice hockey shoes by Midjourney
Ice hockey player ,On the ice at the stadium ,Play hockey ,Nice hockey shoes
a person in ice skates on an ice rink by Midjourney
photo blurry: Ice Hockey Rink Arena: Professional Player Shooting the Puck with Hockey Stick
a person on ice with a hockey stick by Midjourney
The hockey puck slides across the ice rink, leaving a streak of ice in its path, backlight photography, stick figure, 8K, hyper quality
a white statue of a man holding a tennis racket by Midjourney
a heroic statue of a tennis player, green on white background
a woman laughing with her hair blowing in the wind by Midjourney
closeup of a person laughing , head thrown back in laughter , photorealistic, soft lighting, white background
two girls with their mouth open by Midjourney
blasian island twins, Young Pretty female news anchor beautiful in pigtails mixed woman, taking a selfie with eyes wide happy with mouth open long tongue out, cinematic, 35mm lens, f/1.8, accent lighting, global illumination
a woman with orange hair wearing a colorful hat with a large headband by Midjourney
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu making a silly face on the starship Enterprise, star trek The Next Generation still frame 1988, eyeballs and kawaii stuff
a man in yellow pants and white shoes lying on a blue wall with bananas by Midjourney
Humorous, A photo of a person slipping on a banana peel
a man sitting in a chair smiling by Midjourney
old man smiling sitting on chair , abstract gradient background , taken with a nikon d 5000
a cartoon of a girl wearing headphones by Midjourney
clean black and white drawing of female manga character white background simplified outline flcl
a man in a tuxedo and a laptop by Midjourney
a male 30 YO computer programmer , short dark -brown hair , with a laptop , background is a large wedding with many bridal couples and guests , snuff in his mouth , retro futuristic - -ar 1 6 :9 - -s 50
a man in a red suit and tie by Midjourney
Charlie Munger at Coca -Cola headquarters , hyper -realistic image , shot on a Nikon 35mm , natural lighting
a man wearing glasses and a leather jacket by Midjourney
A short , skinny man with a brown jacket , glasses and a close up view above torso , and a futuristic background
a man in a suit and hat by Midjourney
as a mug shot from a 1920 's gangster
a man painting a picture by Midjourney
Show modern saudi engaging in Arabian calligraphy , reciting poetry , and participating in cultural activities . - -v 5 .2 - -s 750
a woman in a dress with bubbles by Midjourney
cinematic movie still of Christina Hendricks as the greek marble goddess Brenda dancing with huge glass marbles , highly detailed , ultra realistic , high contrast , dramatic lighting , background a marble aqueduct , 50mm lens , low angle shot - -ar 1 6 :9 - -s 250
a robot with a helmet by Midjourney
surreal , white teal black and purple robotic humanoid with grooves and crevices running all along its body in lines leading to mytical patterns glowing a strong yet faint light green glow , the robot looks as though it contains millions of years worth of valuable intergalactic knowledge yet it doesn 't have the ability to speak using a mouth , the overall design of the outer shell is a simple glossy white plastic surface with the other colors playing into the trim in reasonable fashion , the robot stands inside of shallow pool of teal colored reflective bubbling liquid , located in a scenic gorgeous utah desert valley
a woman in an orange pilot's uniform by Midjourney
(masterpiece ) Closeup of a female jet figter pilot easing herself into the cockit of futuristic fighter aircraft , as seen slghtly from above and the side . She is only half inside . She is weaaring an orange flight suit and has shoulder -length black hair with pale blue highlights and is supporting herself with her black -gloved hands on the edge of the cockpit . Evidently spekaing with some unseen person outside the jet and abelow . In the style of artist Shirow Masamune . - -ar 1 6 :9 - -niji
a white dog with long hair by Midjourney
draw dog Komondor disney style full body , disney inspired , white background , high resolution to create clip art
a hand pointing at a red button by Midjourney
a woman 's hand reaching for a big red button , the image is split in two , photorealistic on the left and hazy out of focus on the right - -ar 1 6 :9
a box of fries with a head of a man by Midjourney
A Box of fast food fries made out of donald trump
Unknown person in a hooded robe standing in front of an abandoned forest house by Midjourney
scary story youtube thumbnail of a dark, tall , haunted, demon with glowing eyes stalking a cabin in a foggy forest, realistic, spooky, 4k --v 5.0 --ar 16:9
Person kneeling in the dirt with a small plant by Midjourney
person kneeling in the distance planting sapling tree, brighten the entire image and add a golden glow, --ar 16:9
Wooden house on the shore of a lake by Midjourney
Use a Sony α7 III camera with a 85mm lens. Use the Midjourney v5 with photorealism mode turned on to create an ultra-realistic image that captures the subject’s natural beauty and personality. A photorealistic image of a cozy house nordic style, autumn, amazing landscape, view inside, luxury, modern, huge, sony a7, ultra realistic --ar 13:10 --iw 2.0
Person standing on a wet road with the lights in front of them by Midjourney
dark silhouette figure standing at large lake infront of american forest, daylight, dusk, cinematic, film noir, Canon R6, Film still in the style of David Lynch film, 35mm film, , wide angle lens, Natural light, global illumination, uplight, --ar 16:9 --v 5.2
Small table with a pile of strawberries by Midjourney
less is more, beautiful strawberry sales cart --ar 2:3 --v 5.2 --no person

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