100+ outdoor Midjourney prompts

Pick one of the resulting images based on outdoor prompts and use it for your next project.

Man helping another man climb a mountain by Midjourney
Prompt text: Create an image where a guy dressed in jeans and a black shirt is climbing a mountain. Each step represents a stage to be overcome on the ascent to success. In this image, there is also another well-dressed person at the top with their arm extended, ready to help the colleague who is climbing.
Man in suit and wind turbines by Midjourney
Prompt text: mix of solar panel, wind farm, batteries connected on the power grid managed by a women data scientist with his computer
Group of people in a lake by Midjourney
Prompt text: The picture shows the beach at Lake Balaton in the heat of the day, as people sunbathe and swim and play in the lake, 4k, photo, –ar 16:9
Woman in armor in a field of grass by Midjourney
Prompt text: most beautiful blonde woman in armor, background is fields with fire
Desert landscape with cactus and mountains by Midjourney
Prompt text: Realistic illustration of an arizona sky over the arizona desert
Winter house near water by Midjourney
Prompt text: Light watercolor of a winter landscape, with snow-covered trees, a frozen lake, and a cozy cabin in the distance. Golden hour to capture the warmth of the setting sun on the snowwhite background, few details, dreamy, Studio Ghibli --ar 3:2 --q 2 --s 750 --v 5.2
Blue water with trees around it by Midjourney
Prompt text: Bahamas' blue holes. Capture the stark contrast of the deep blue abyss surrounded by the turquoise waters of the ocean. Same color for the blue hole::5. High Perspective::5. Medium: Photography. Style: Hyper-realistic with a touch of surrealism. Lighting: Natural sunlight casting a shimmer on the water's surface, with deeper parts of the hole appearing darker and more mysterious. Colors: Vibrant blues, aqua, and hints of green. Composition: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR camera, EF 24mm f/1.4L II USM lens, Resolution 30.4 megapixels, ISO sensitivity: 100, Shutter speed 1/60 second, wide-angle to capture the vastness of the blue hole. --ar 1:1 --v 5.2 --style raw --q 2 --s 750
Black sports car on a road by Midjourney
Prompt text: a future black electric passenger car built by Polestar and Mercedes, show it driving down the Autobahn, hyper real, tilt shift, vivid. --ar 16:9
Path through a forest by Midjourney
Prompt text: dirt pathway through a jungle, tall looking trees, warm, path bathed in sunlight, oil paint background, Frank Frazetta artwork style, HD, 8K, dramatic lighting, oil painting, --v 5.1
Middle-aged couple in a field by Midjourney
Prompt text: Photo of a middle-aged European couple looking wearily but hopefully towards the sky, a sunlit meadow in the background, softly drawn --ar 3:2 --q 2 --uplight --v 5.2
Red sports car parked on a wet street by Midjourney
Prompt text: A breathtaking and highly realistic photograph of a luxurious Ferrari 458, parked elegantly on a dimly lit city street at night. The sleek, aerodynamic curves of the Ferrari are perfectly showcased under the glow of the streetlights, emphasizing the vehicle's exceptional design and engineering. The photograph is captured using a Nikon D850 DSLR camera, paired with a Nikkor 35mm f/ 1. 4G lens, renowned for its ability to produce sharp images with beautiful color rendering, even in low-light situations. The camera settings are carefully selected to balance the exposure and depth of field, with an aperture of f/ 2, ISO 1600, and a shutter speed of 1/ 60 sec. The background features the subtle bokeh of the city lights, creating a sense of depth and atmosphere while allowing the Bugatti to take center stage in the composition. The dramatic interplay of light and shadow on the car's glossy surface highlights its impressive contours and intricate details, resulting in a captivating and ultra-realistic photograph that celebrates the pinnacle of automotive design.
Black woman holding a sword by Midjourney
Prompt text: Hyper realistic analog photo of a scene from a modern day action movie, movie poster, a beautiful african american woman with a samurai sword wearing a pantsuit is fighting yakuza, street style, the background is a crowd of yakuza, action, gritty, angry, dramatic, the thrill of combat, forests, photoshoot, vogue, glamour, hyperrealism, Screen Space Global Illumination, Ray Tracing Global Illumination, Optics, Materiality, Ambient Occlusion, Ray Traced, Ray Tracing Ambient Occlusion, Anti - Aliasing, FXAA, TXAA, RTX, SSAO, Shaders, OpenGL - Shaders, GLSL - Shaders, Post Processing, Post - Production, Tone Mapping, CGI, VFX, SFX, insanely detailed and intricate, hypermaximalist, elegant, hyper realistic, super detailed, Nikon D850, 200mm f/ 2, Editorial Photography, Photography, Shot on 70mm, Ultra - Wide Angle, Depth of Field, DOF, Tilt Blur, Shutter Speed 1/ 1000, F/ 22, Gamma, White Balance, Neon, Light, Dark, Light Mode, Dark Mode, High Contrast, 5D, Multiverse, 32k, Super - Resolution, Megapixel, ProPhoto RGB, VR, Lonely, Good, Massive, Big, Spotlight, Frontlight, Halfrear Lighting, Backlight, Rim Lights, Rim Lighting, Artificial Lighting, Natural Lighting, Incandescent, Optical Fiber, Moody Lighting, Cinematic Lighting, Studio Lighting, Soft Lighting, Hard Lighting, volumetric Light, Volumetric Lighting, Volumetric, Contre - Jour, Rembrandt Lighting, Split Lighting, Beautiful Lighting, Accent Lighting, Global Illumination, Lumen Global Illumination, Screen Space Global Illumination, Ray Tracing Global Illumination, softer light effects in the front of the image fading into darker in the background, Optics, Materiality, Ambient Occlusion, Scattering, Glowing, Shadows, Rough, Shimmering, Ray Tracing Reflections, Lumen Reflections, Screen Space Reflections
Building with palm trees on the beach by Midjourney
Prompt text: stone shapped hotel units on the beach , in south sinai beach , beautiful beach , palm trees , small stones on the beach , luxury tents , palm trees making shades , sunset view , people runing on the beach , hotel units lights turned on , --v 5.2 --ar 16:9
Group of men standing on a golf course by Midjourney
Prompt text: photo, candid shot, paparazzi style subject: group of 3 golfers, 22 years old, models, trendy golf clothes, shot on 50mm portra 400 film f2.8 v5.2 style raw
Person surfing on a wave by Midjourney
Prompt text: a couple surfing on a wave, photo took with an iphone quality, photo took from far with a zoom, --ar 9:16
Teenagers standing on a beach with surfboards by Midjourney
Prompt text: realistic picture of friends getting ready for a surf adventure
Shiba Inu dog in a boat by Midjourney
Prompt text: a kind Fisherman Shiba Inu dog holds a fishing rod and wears a straw hat,Sit in a boat,The sun is shining brightly,Smile with an open mouth,humanization, happy,realistic --ar 10:16 --v 5.2
Sete Cidades lakes São Miguel Azores islands by Midjourney
Prompt text: breathtaking landscape shot, Azores islands --ar 3:2 --style raw
Woman riding a horse by a body of water by Midjourney
Prompt text: an hyper realistic photograph of a beautiful Indian woman dressed with a jean and tight polo, riding a horse with a lake in background, end of afternoon summer light, film photography ektar 100
Woman in a white dress walking through a field by Midjourney
Prompt text: a woman in a serene forest, standing in an open field graceful forms, flowing fabrics, light and shadow play shot on Kodak Ektachrome 100 --style raw --ar 14:9
Man in a forest with a bird flying by Midjourney
Prompt text: Realistic YouTube Thumbnail of Young Man Chopping his way through the Mexican Jungle, with adventure clothes on, a machete in hand, full body is visible, snake wrapped around a tree in the foreground, a parrot flying around the man. 4k picture, super realistic, 16:9
Wedding photozone with flowers and a couch in a park by Midjourney
Prompt text: a wedding site with a Flower swing, small angel statuaries under the party tent, no rock --ar 16:9
Dirt road leading to a farm by Midjourney
Prompt text: intentional camera movement of a field with hay bales and red barns and a bright colorful cloudy sky at midday with bright sun --s 750
Mediterranean patio in wooden blue and white by Midjourney
Prompt text: a wooden patio with blue shutters and hanging lights, in the style of primitive influences, mediterranean-inspired, organic architecture, yaka art, lively tableaus, organic minimalism, turquoise and white
Buddhist monk walking in a forest by Midjourney
Prompt text: buddha walking through a big forest. back view. short hair. movie look. morning look. --ar 16:9
Misty forest in autumn sunset reflecting in a lake by Midjourney
Prompt text: A misty forest in autumn with tall colorful trees reflecting in a perfectly still lake. Early morning light rays streaming through the trees. Extremely detailed --ar 5:7 --style raw
Red rock desert canyon with intricate eroded rock formations and a winding river by Midjourney
Prompt text: A vast red rock desert canyon with intricate eroded rock formations and a winding river below. Bright sunlight accentuates details. Extremely detailed --ar 5:7 --style raw
Rugged coastline with towering cliffs and crashing waves by Midjourney
Prompt text: A rugged coastline with towering cliffs and crashing waves during a thunderstorm at sunset. Dramatic lighting. Cinematic --ar 3:2 --style raw
Group of children in a winter forest by Midjourney
Prompt text: photo of close up crowd of peasants in the woods in the warm evening light, we are at the height of a child, holding on to her parents, with her face turned backwards, dragging wooden sleds, shot with nikon camera, dark tones *m --v 5.0 --s 1000 --ar 3:2
Wooden table with potted plants and sunny valley at the background by Midjourney
Prompt text: create an image with a wooden table in the foreground and with the background of the bright blue sky with some white clouds. The image must have a dimension of three by two. The wooden table should be dark brown in color and should have a worn look. The sky should be bright blue in color with some fluffy white clouds. The image should look realistic and professional. I want to use this image to create mug and glass mockups to upload to Etsy--ar 3:2 --v 5.2 --s 250
Solar panels in a field by Midjourney
Prompt text: Show a thriving solar panel farm in Speyer, under a bright sun, with green fields and clear blue skies, juxtaposing a grey, smoky industrial plant. --v 5.2 --ar 16:9
Row of houses with a sidewalk and bushes by Midjourney
Prompt text: 5 Steps to Help Real Estate Investors Prepare to Sell Their Rental Property --v 5.2 --s 50
Sailboat on the water by Midjourney
Prompt text: create an image of a small sailboat, black and white image HD 4K vector image --ar 16:9
Group of teenagers standing outside by Midjourney
Prompt text: a group of young teenager [european, age of 13 years, smiling] standing in a park [naturally] holding their homework and notebooks, dreamlike naturaleza, ferrania p30, selective focus, human-canvas integration, miscellaneous academia , --v 5.2
Small house near the forest lake by Midjourney
Prompt text: exterior of tiny lake cabin with porch swing, cobble stone walkway --ar 16:9
Autumn leaves on the ground by Midjourney
Prompt text: autumn leaves, photrealistic, hyper detailed, high definition, HDR, light pastel cinamatic background lighting --ar 4:3 --v 5.2
Swimming pool with a stone house in the mountain ladscape by Midjourney
Prompt text: a pool high up in the mountains, ultra realistic --s 750
Pond with trees and a bridge by Midjourney
Prompt text: a pool secluded in the a beautiful forest, ultra realistic --s 750
Path through the green forest by Midjourney
Prompt text: path in forest with many types of trees and trees, romatic style, green moss and blue sky --aspect 63:88
Red roses in front of a city skyline by Midjourney
Prompt text: 9/11 remembrance instagram post --ar 1:1 --v 5.2
Futuristic nursing home in purple brand colors by Midjourney
Prompt text: futuristic nursing home purple brand colors
Friends standing in front of a house by Midjourney
Prompt text: 3 people from the back, two men one woman,standing on a widows walk of a nice oceanside new england style house watching the sunset over the ocean
Borzoi dog in a field of flowers by Midjourney
Prompt text: long white borzoi dog with dark brown eyes surrounded by wildflowers and butterflies on bright summer day in park with tongue flopping out of mouth, butterfly landed on tip of nose, photo real, tongue flopping out
Hot white mug on a table by Midjourney
Prompt text: Create a stunning, eye-catching, front lit, white coffee mug mockup that transports the viewer to a cozy, sunlit café. The background should be adorned with warm, rustic wooden tables and chairs, soft ambient lighting, and the subtle aroma of freshly brewed coffee lingering in the air. The scene should evoke a sense of relaxation and comfort, inviting customers to imagine themselves sipping their favorite beverage from this delightful mug --no text logo or graphics
Autumn tree near the river by Midjourney
Prompt text: Ant's - eye view photo of a giant gnarly old tree covered with blue and yellow leaves, upshot, looking up, upward angle shot, bottom - up perspective, skyward view, grandeur of scale intricate, golden hour, ethereal atmosphere, fantasy --ar 2:3 --s 750
Building with trees on its sides by Midjourney
Prompt text: aereal view, stacked vertical neightborhood, minimalism architecture, balconies, trees, timber wood structure, concrete facade,vegetation, garden, soft light,soft light, yener torun style
Dirt road through a forest by Midjourney
Prompt text: film still, shot of narrow hard dirt path with wheel tracks leading towards distant dark forest, creepy, overcast, slighty foggy, cold gray color scheme --v 5.2 --style raw --ar 16:9
Alaska mountain view photography by Midjourney
Prompt text: Alaska mountain view photography

More outdoor prompts

Man in a santa garment taking a selfie by Midjourney
A serious santa claus in flying sleigh in sky looking down at city. very dark night. blizzard. --v 6.0 --s 750
Painting of Santa Claus carrying a bag of gifts by Midjourney
a watercolor painting of a close up of an old style Santa Claus walking through an old growth pine forest during a heavily wind blown snowstorm carrying one large red bag::2 overflowing with Christmas gifts dramatic lighting and shadows asymmetrical white border --ar 4:5 --s 750 --v 6.0 --style raw
Santa Claus standing in a ruined building by Midjourney
Santa Claus without strength and in bad mood, annoyed sadness and depression, in a ruined and abandoned city, fictional event, real photo --ar 2:3 --v 6.0
Cartoon Santa in a red coat by Midjourney
2D Illustration in a Disney Animation Studios Style with meticulous detail, high-quality anime-style, cartoon shader render, Santa Claus --s 250 --v 6.0
Santa Claus with a beard and a hat by Midjourney
a bright vintage photograph of a smiling cool shoreditch hipster santa in a short red fishermans hat and a white beard and glasses --v 6.0 --style raw
Person wearing a pair of pants by Midjourney
hiphop pants for men design, italian silk --ar 2:3 --v 6.0
Person wearing colorful patchwork pants by Midjourney
wide Jeans with Stussy style patchwork with clouds --v 6.0 --s 750
Person wearing black pants by Midjourney
fashion ultrarealistic photography, photorealistic, cinematic, focus on a contemporary dark trousers designed by Jeff Koon, Levis packshot, studio photography, pale design gradient creative white background, photo realism, shot with OLYMPUS OM-D E-M10 Mark IV --v 6.0
Coliseum building with many arches by Midjourney
painting of the roman colosseum from the year it was built, fully built colosseum --ar 3:4 --v 6.0 --style raw
Aerial view of a large circular building by Midjourney
Illustrate the grandeur of the Colosseum, capturing its architecture and the scale of the arena as a central hub for ancient Roman entertainment --ar 9:16 --v 6.0
Large stadium with people playing football by Midjourney
a soccer game being played inside the roman colosseum, packed with spectators, modern, green grass, renovated --style raw --v 6.0
Large circular building with many arches by Midjourney
roman colluseum --v 6.0
Aerial view of a large stadium by Midjourney
American football stadium built into the Roman colosseum --ar 1:1 --v 6.0
Large round building with lights and a planet in the background by Midjourney
sci-fi colosseum --v 6.0
Coliseum with arches by Midjourney
Colosseum Rome flat design, not too complex, modern, 4k, epic composition, flat vector art illustration, turquoise green and pink colors, long shot --no text, fonts, letters, words, watermark --ar 5:7 --v 6.0
Large stone coliseum with many arches by Midjourney
Colosseum Rome flat design, not too complex, modern, 4k, epic composition, flat vector art illustration, teal magenta and gold colors, long shot --no text, fonts, letters, words, watermark --ar 5:7 --v 6.0
Coliseum building with many arches by Midjourney
an illustration 1910s of a Colosseum, seed 12 --v 6.0 --style raw --s 450
Woman standing in a alley by Midjourney
A stunning beauty in a Wong Kar-wai inspired 90's Hong Kong setting, utilizing realistic techniques and deep, immersive backdrops, low-speed slow shutter capture, Nikon F4 with Nikkor 85mm f/1.4 lens, the complex interplay of light and shadow in a narrow alley, evoking a sense of nostalgia and timeless elegance --ar 3:4 --v 6.0
Raccoon in a corner by Midjourney
cowering raccoon --v 6.0
Raccoon standing in the woods by Midjourney
Meeko the Racoon, If Disney's Pocahontas was a live action 90s movie, 1995, 90s style VHS screengrab, use real actors, cinematic, cinematography, use photo hyper-realism, photorealistic, highly detailed, composition is wide-angle, change to native american --v 6.0
Raccoon holding a branch by Midjourney
wild and angry racoon, biting an electric cable, highly detailed photography, National Geographic style --v 6.0
Raccoon holding a can in the snow by Midjourney
a raccoon looking at the camera and drinking a can of beer caught on surveillance cctv still low res from above distorted lens camera night shift --s 250 --v 6.0
Raccoon looking at the camera by Midjourney
i see funny face raccoon blending impressionistic and fantastical elements. --v 6.0 --s 50
Raccoon holding a nut by Midjourney
a racoon eating a acorn in the forest very happily --v 6.0 --style raw --s 50
Baby in a cabbage patch by Midjourney
a field of cabbages, in each if many cabbage, delicately opens to reveal a new born baby peeking out with curiosity, --ar 3:2 --v 6.0 --style raw
Man standing next to a giant cabbage head by Midjourney
an old photo of a farmer standing next to the world record for largest brussel sprout, 1920s oklahoma farmer, dust bowl, okie --v 6.0
Green vegetable statue with face and eyes by Midjourney
a large cologneborn cabbage human whole body is in the sea, in the style of candid shots of famous figures, grotesque characters, photo taken with provia, avocadopunk, piles/stacks, uhd image, street art figuratives --ar 9:16 --v 6.0
Close up of cabbage by Midjourney
young cabbage in garden boxes, garden in the morning --v 6.0 --ar 2:1
Person playing drums by Midjourney
artwork drums, sick --ar 2:3 --v 6.0
Car driving on a road with a bridge over it by Midjourney
the german autobahn is a holy shrine for capitalism, as otto dix painting, german expressionist art, cinematography by stanley kubrick --chaos 5 --ar 3:2 --stylize 125 --v 6.0
Road with white lines and a blue sky by Midjourney
highway with horizone --v 6.0
Doll with blonde hair and a black shirt by Midjourney
a crypto barbie with a t shirt saying "LFG!" --v 6.0 --s 250
Knife in the grass by Midjourney
a turf lawn with a knife sticking out of it. the image is ground level. the focus is on the knife. --v 6.0 --s 250
Hand with long nails by Midjourney
long pointed nails hand woman --ar 9:16 --v 6.0 --style raw
Hand with long nails by Midjourney
product shot close-up of gel nails, beautiful hands, cosmetic, spa, salon, natural light, plants, hipster --v 6.0
Black panther walking through grass by Midjourney
the figure is a black panther walking outdoors in the field, in the style of flickr, shiny eyes, angura kei, cobra, matte photo, lively movement portrayal, creative commons attribution --v 6.0
Black panther with orange eyes by Midjourney
portrait shot of a black leopard, sitting in the jungle, beautiful Dark scenery, nature, ––s 100 ––style raw --ar 1:2 --v 6.0
Black panther running on red background by Midjourney
an eyelevel photo of an agressive black panther jumping towards us in a red studio environment, kicking up rubble:: a black panther pouncing towards us, red background:: --s 250 --v 6.0 --style raw
Woman smiling at camera by Midjourney
A Korean college student is smiling brightly with a disposable coffee cup. The background is the university, and a large university banner is seen behind the student. The time zone is a sunny morning. --ar 16:9 --v 6.0 --s 50 --style raw
Woman smiling at camera by Midjourney
A beautiful Japanese woman,smile,Outside a technology research institute, Overcast, Morning,real photo,high quality,4k --ar 4:5 --v 6.0 --no lowres, worst quality, bad hands
Person standing in front of a building by Midjourney
kid standing in front of a scholl, photography, wide shot, 12mm --ar 16:9 --v 6.0
Group of people standing together by Midjourney
a group of teen students stock photo --ar 4:5 --style raw --v 6.0
Stone archway with trees and a building in the background by Midjourney
a university campus gate in japan. daytime. --ar 16:9 --v 6.0
Pile of oats and almonds by Midjourney
oats, almonds, cinnamon, aesthetic orange background, side view --v 6.0
Pixel art of a tent with fire in the woods by Midjourney
tent in pixel art --v 6.0
Group of people standing on a path in a forest with a tent by Midjourney
an illustration of coordinators with a group of students in the mountains camps in the scene, Shot from distance, natural lighting,--style raw --v 6.0 --ar 9:16
Group of tents in a park by Midjourney
featuring a beautiful camping site in the summer of Japan, featuring multiple beautiful Japanese beauty with refinement, highlights, and softness panoramic --ar 16:5 --v 6.0
Tents on a lawn by Midjourney
Tents and camping equipment on the lawn --ar 3:2 --v 6.0 --s 250

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