100+ nature Midjourney prompts

Pick one of the resulting images based on nature prompts and use it for your next project.

Man helping another man climb a mountain by Midjourney
Prompt text: Create an image where a guy dressed in jeans and a black shirt is climbing a mountain. Each step represents a stage to be overcome on the ascent to success. In this image, there is also another well-dressed person at the top with their arm extended, ready to help the colleague who is climbing.
Desert landscape with cactus and mountains by Midjourney
Prompt text: Realistic illustration of an arizona sky over the arizona desert
Blue water with trees around it by Midjourney
Prompt text: Bahamas' blue holes. Capture the stark contrast of the deep blue abyss surrounded by the turquoise waters of the ocean. Same color for the blue hole::5. High Perspective::5. Medium: Photography. Style: Hyper-realistic with a touch of surrealism. Lighting: Natural sunlight casting a shimmer on the water's surface, with deeper parts of the hole appearing darker and more mysterious. Colors: Vibrant blues, aqua, and hints of green. Composition: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR camera, EF 24mm f/1.4L II USM lens, Resolution 30.4 megapixels, ISO sensitivity: 100, Shutter speed 1/60 second, wide-angle to capture the vastness of the blue hole. --ar 1:1 --v 5.2 --style raw --q 2 --s 750
Person riding a motorcycle in mountains by Midjourney
Prompt text: Flat 2D illustration, ktm 890 adventure motorcycle, rider, few pine trees in background, minimalistic, line art, white background, white space –ar 2:3
Path through a forest by Midjourney
Prompt text: dirt pathway through a jungle, tall looking trees, warm, path bathed in sunlight, oil paint background, Frank Frazetta artwork style, HD, 8K, dramatic lighting, oil painting, --v 5.1
Middle-aged couple in a field by Midjourney
Prompt text: Photo of a middle-aged European couple looking wearily but hopefully towards the sky, a sunlit meadow in the background, softly drawn --ar 3:2 --q 2 --uplight --v 5.2
Group of men standing on a golf course by Midjourney
Prompt text: photo, candid shot, paparazzi style subject: group of 3 golfers, 22 years old, models, trendy golf clothes, shot on 50mm portra 400 film f2.8 v5.2 style raw
Siamese cat with blue eyes by Midjourney
Prompt text: watercolor siamese cat portrait by teolokaart , in the style of dark cyan and light beige, realistic rendering, art of burma, uhd image, soft fern background, colorized, adox silvermax --ar 3:2 --v 5.2
Child holding a basket of flowers by Midjourney
Prompt text: A photo of a Mexican child carrying a large woven basket full of sun flowers on his back, clear facial features, cinematic, 35mm lens, f/1.8, accent lighting, global illumination --uplight --style raw
Painting of a trees with orange leaves by Midjourney
Prompt text: **autumn leaves swirl in the sky --ar 16:9 --s 250 --v 5.2
Scuba divers near coral by Midjourney
Prompt text: divers planting corals by putting small pieces on a rock, underwater, peacefull, impressive photo --ar 16:9
Buddha sitting in a flower garden by Midjourney
Prompt text: Abstract, Beautiful Lifelike Image of the Buddha, Peacful scenery, flowers, mystical magical image of the buddha exuding peace and love into the universe. --upbeta --s 250
Sete Cidades lakes São Miguel Azores islands by Midjourney
Prompt text: breathtaking landscape shot, Azores islands --ar 3:2 --style raw
Jellyfish swimming in the sea by Midjourney
Prompt text: jellyfish swimming in deep sea, underwater photography --style raw
Beach with palm trees and rocks by Midjourney
Prompt text: ocean shore, tabletop roleplay game, gridless, RPG map, beach party, beach day, summer holidays, vacation, summer, beach time, hot weather, hawaii style --v 5.2
Landscape of a beach and green hills by Midjourney
Prompt text: an idyllic view of the blue ocean from a hilly area, in the style of gongbi, light black and sky-blue, vacation dadcore, sky-blue and green, thx sound, pristine naturalism, coastal and harbor views --ar 95:128
Rainbow and sunflowers in a field by Midjourney
Prompt text: Create a vector cartoon illustration that embodies the joy of summer vacation. In this vibrant scene, include a radiant rainbow arching across a clear blue sky. Below the rainbow, depict a lively sunflower field, with tall and cheerful sunflowers swaying in a gentle breeze. The sunflowers should have bright yellow petals and strong green stems, symbolizing the warmth and energy of summer. In the background, include children playing and laughing, enjoying their summer break. The overall tone of the illustration should be whimsical and joyful, capturing the essence of a carefree summer filled with wonder and delight
Woman riding a horse by a body of water by Midjourney
Prompt text: an hyper realistic photograph of a beautiful Indian woman dressed with a jean and tight polo, riding a horse with a lake in background, end of afternoon summer light, film photography ektar 100
Man and woman in karate uniforms standing in water by Midjourney
Prompt text: romantic evening seaside getaway incoming tsunami hydrothermal vents karate tournament
Mountain near a lake in Japan by Midjourney
Prompt text: Realistic style, A stunning sunset over Mount Fuji, with the iconic mountain reflected in a serene lake. The image captures the awe-inspiring beauty of Japan's natural landscapes, which inspire a sense of peace and well-being. hyperdetailed, 8k, hyperrealistic --ar 9:16 --v 5.2
Man with a kettle and a mountain view by Midjourney
Prompt text: A potter man holding an extreme tea ceremony at the top of Mt. Fuji
Woman in a white dress walking through a field by Midjourney
Prompt text: a woman in a serene forest, standing in an open field graceful forms, flowing fabrics, light and shadow play shot on Kodak Ektachrome 100 --style raw --ar 14:9
Large inflatable duck in a river by Midjourney
Prompt text: huge yellow duck shaped inflatable in the middle of the assi river, top view, light blue sky, land is filled with flowers, ethereal aesthetic, ultra photorealistic v--4
Woman sitting on a mat overlooking a lake by Midjourney
Prompt text: a lady doing yoga on decking facing river
Cartoon of a woman in a boat with an umbrella by Midjourney
Prompt text: poster where it's raining on dragon boat in chinese water lily, in the style of cute and dreamy, flat illustrations, dreamlike naturaleza, light white and yellow, green and azure, traditional poses, fish-eye lens --ar 14:25
Man in a forest with a bird flying by Midjourney
Prompt text: Realistic YouTube Thumbnail of Young Man Chopping his way through the Mexican Jungle, with adventure clothes on, a machete in hand, full body is visible, snake wrapped around a tree in the foreground, a parrot flying around the man. 4k picture, super realistic, 16:9
Black kitten in a field of lavender by Midjourney
Prompt text: divine beauty of Black kitten in a field of lavender::4D, cenote, in motion --chaos 30
Kitten on a branch with grapes by Midjourney
Prompt text: A little kitten stealing grapes in the vineyard, realistic
Cat in a tree by Midjourney
Prompt text: a charming kitten in the tree, cinematic concept art, cg render, digital painting, detailed background, worldbuilding, award-winning, masterpiece --ar 16:9 --v 5.2 --s 500
Landscape of waterfall among the green Canadian forest by Midjourney
Prompt text: ampbell River, Canada, a person finds solace and inspiration while exploring Elk Falls Provincial Park. They follow a shaded trail that winds through lush rainforest, the scent of cedar and earth in the air. The sound of cascading water grows louder as they approach Elk Falls, a majestic waterfall that drops into a roaring canyon. high quality photograhy sharp Canon R6 --ar 16:9
Stone house with a staircase in the forest by Midjourney
Prompt text: photograph of a small cottage built into the side of a hill in a forest, covered in vines and flowers, stone path leading into a forest in the background, 8k, Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 Di VC USD G2 Lens, photo realistic, intricate detail, sharp detail, high definition, --ar 4:5 --v 5.0
Small house near the forest lake by Midjourney
Prompt text: exterior of tiny lake cabin with porch swing, cobble stone walkway --ar 16:9
Young woman kayaking in crystal lake with alps mountains view by Midjourney
Prompt text: young woman kayaking in crystal lake background alps mountains,amazing cloud sunset--v 5.1 --style raw --s 750
Child walking in a field of pink flowers by Midjourney
Prompt text: 2 year old wearing a solid colour one colour only white satin dress with puffy sleeves walking through a field of blush florals, 4k, --ar 53:80 --upbeta --v 5.0
Camper in the mountains by Midjourney
Prompt text: a camper in the mountains, realistic photography, --ar 18:9
Pink and orange tulips by Midjourney
Prompt text: red, orange, pink and purple tulips, photrealistic, hyper detailed, high definition, HDR, light pastel cinamatic background lighting --ar 4:3 --v 5.2
Autumn leaves on the ground by Midjourney
Prompt text: autumn leaves, photrealistic, hyper detailed, high definition, HDR, light pastel cinamatic background lighting --ar 4:3 --v 5.2
Herd of elephants running through a dusty savanna by Midjourney
Prompt text: aerial photography , breathtaking, swarm of African elephants running fast, uhd --ar 16:9
Group of tigers running on a dirt road by Midjourney
Prompt text: aerial photography , group of tigers racing fast, 8k --ar 16:9
Pond with trees and a bridge by Midjourney
Prompt text: a pool secluded in the a beautiful forest, ultra realistic --s 750
People standing near the lake in the middle of autumn mountains by Midjourney
Prompt text: abstract neon. A gathering of people on a North Carolina farm for an apple festival. Peak leaves season. Autumn. Beautiful mountainous scenery. Black and white photo with color splashes. Shot with a Sony A7R. --ar 16:9 --q 0.5 --s 750
Path through the green forest by Midjourney
Prompt text: path in forest with many types of trees and trees, romatic style, green moss and blue sky --aspect 63:88
Snowy mountains and lake by Midjourney
Prompt text: create a hyper realistic A crystal-clear lake reflecting snow-capped peaks with ocean
Green field from the sky with the sun shining through by Midjourney
Prompt text: Capture a highly detailed and photorealistic aerial image of a pristine grass field, showcasing the cold, dark green grass with morning dew glistening under the warm sun rays. Utilize a professional DSLR camera or drone to achieve maximum realism. Ensure the shot is taken from a direct overhead perspective to emphasize the texture and beauty of the grass. This stunning photograph will serve as a perfect background or cover image.
Friends standing in front of a house by Midjourney
Prompt text: 3 people from the back, two men one woman,standing on a widows walk of a nice oceanside new england style house watching the sunset over the ocean
Stone ancient  building covered in moss by Midjourney
Prompt text: dense evergreen forest almost obscuring the stone foundation of an old hunter's cabin, with a makeshift shelter built amid the ruins --ar 4:3 --chaos 30 --weird 20
Savanna trees from the sky by Midjourney
Prompt text: A captivating areal shot of the vast expanse of the Rajasthan forest, dense with sacred Khejarli trees showing their distinctive, lush foliage. The arid climate is evident with the sun casting a harsh light, creating deep shadows beneath the trees. The ground is dry and cracked, but the trees stand tall and resilient. Medium: Photo hyper-realism. Style: Cinematic with a touch of historical drama. Lighting: Midday sun, emphasizing the arid climate. Colours: Earthy browns, muted greens, and the clear blue sky. Composition: Shot using a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR camera, wide-angle lens to capture the vastness. --ar 9:16 --v 5.1 --style raw --s 750
Glass house on the water by Midjourney
Prompt text: A beautiful house is reflected on top of a body of water, in the style of vray tracing,[light orange and dark aquamarine], dramatic landscapes, contemporary glass, romantic chiaroscuro, zen buddhism influence, soft and dreamy atmosphere

More nature prompts

Painting of french fries by Midjourney
90s poster of a fries --v 6.0 --style raw
Drawing of Las Vegas by Midjourney
round graphic black and white detailed sketch of Las Vegas --v 6.0
Waterfall near ruins by Midjourney
Waterfall in the style of romantic ruins, vintage photography, chiaroscuro, guatemalan art, passage, panorama, 1970–present, romanesque art
Envelope with a flag inside by Midjourney
a letter to the British warning, in the style of realistic hyper-detail --ar 9:16 --v 6.0
Cowboy hat and a gun by Midjourney
the cowboy hat, star and rifle vector design, in the style of minimalist sketches, terracotta, robert crumb, found objects, animal motifs, the bechers' typologies, light orange --v 6.0 --style raw
Car on a road with trees by Midjourney
Minimalistic aerial photography inspired by a Jean-Michel Basquiat painting --ar 9:20 --stylize 250 --v 6.0
Cut open passion fruit by Midjourney
A freshly cut passion fruit is the subject, positioned centrally against a stark white background. Additional elements include droplets of juice glistening on the surface of the sacs, catching the light. The effect to capture is the translucent glow of the sacs, highlighting the contrast between the dark seeds and the golden pulp. The overall composition should convey a sense of ripe freshness, with a tight focus on the fruit’s vivid textures and colours to evoke a tangibly juicy appeal
Group of people sitting at a table outside by Midjourney
Family picnic , polaroid, in the style of hauntingly beautiful illustrations, depictions of rural life, exaggerated scenes --v 6.0
Picnic basket and food on a blanket by Midjourney
Photograph of a romatic picnic blanket with fruits basket:: and a bottle of wine in a middle eastern farm field landscape. the basket containing a variety of juicy middle eastern sliced cut to slices fruits. Nikon D7500, 50mm lens, beautiful romantic lighting. --ar 7:4 --v 6.0 --style raw --s 70
Man and woman sitting on a blanket in a park by Midjourney
A young woman with a middle aged man are having a picnic in a park in summertime, we see them from behind --v 6.0
Boy and girl sitting on a blanket eating food by Midjourney
In one corner of Spring Park, two children are having a picnic. The background is clean, the style is flat, the style is anime, the illustration, the great work, super clear, 8K --ar 3:2 --v 6.0
Picnic blanket in the woods by Midjourney
a picnic setup in a cozy backyard,old,vintage,flat vector illustration,childrens book illustration,2D illustration, flat colors, --v 6.0
Cathedral in the woods by Midjourney
a large cathedral in a ruined forest, 8 bit pixel art style --v 6.0
Bird sitting on a branch in a forest by Midjourney
olpntng style, A ultra HD detailed painting ((((beautiful red tailed hawk)))), pearl sunlight,, and inkwell and ink quill amidst the thicket of plants, by Jean-Baptiste Monge, watercolor and ink, intricate details, fantasy, beautiful, award-winning, colorful, fantastic view, crisp quality, fantasy, flowers, memories, nature, overgrown, high quality, sharp focus, realistic photo, perfect composition, beautiful detailed intricate insanely detailed octane trending ArtStation render, 8k art photography, photorealistic concept art, soft natural 3D cinematography perfect light, oil painting, heavy strokes, paint dripping --v 6.0
Bird on a branch by Midjourney
on a broken oak branch lying on the ground A hawk stands, his beak slightly open as if talking. painting, concept art --chaos 20 --stylize 200 --weird 300 --v 6.0
Train tracks in a tunnel by Midjourney
In the bright tunnel, the front, optical cable::5 , --no human --ar 16:5 --v 6.0 --style raw
Train tracks through a tunnel by Midjourney
low quality found footage style, abandoned dark overgrown tunnel --ar 9:16 --s 250 --v 6.0
Ladybug on a glass ball by Midjourney
a red insect resting on top of a water ball, in the style of enchanting, miniaturecore, #screenshotsaturday, fisheye lens, mori kei, capturing moments, transcendent nature --v 6.0 --style raw
The Eiffel Tower with trees and boats in the background by Midjourney
Eiffel Tower --ar 3:4 --v 6.0
Giraffe with a yellow background by Midjourney
oil painting of a giraffe, close up, wild, nature, powerful, elegant, black and yellow, warm, yellow background, soft broad brush strokes --ar 2:3 --stylize 150 --v 6.0
Giraffe looking at the camera by Midjourney
giraffe, rule of thirds, nikon z7, 85mm, f2.0, --ar 3:2 --v 6.0
Giraffe standing in a field with a blue sky and clouds by Midjourney
happy cute full length giraffe walking through safari, cartoon style, Disney animation, hyper realistic portraits, 32k uhd, cute cartoon designs, wallpaper, glow brush --ar 2:3 --s 250 --v 6.0
Meadow of flowers by Midjourney
make a top view of a flower field. childanimations style --ar 5:7 --v 6.0
Field of flowers and trees by Midjourney
an oil painting of a field with wildflowers and trees, in the style of hans thoma, english countryside --ar 64:45 --v 6.0 --no signature, artist name, text
Painting of a field of flowers by Midjourney
watercolor of a wildflower landscape. muted colors. thick forest in the distance --ar 16:9 --s 250 --v 6.0
Illustration of a gorilla by Midjourney
bokito, gorilla, streetart, bansky style, painting, picture, without wall, black and white --v 6.0 --ar 16:9
Wild parrot on a branch by Midjourney
a parrot, cinematic wildlife photography, shot on Canon EOS R3, cinematic, photo real --ar 9:16 --v 6.0
Colorful parrot on a branch by Midjourney
a parrot perched on a tree branch --v 6.0
Group of men in lab coats working in a laboratory by Midjourney
Scientists ucovering mysteries of very first scientific experiment, black and white with neon color highlights and details, --v 6.0
Drawing of a stone with a runes carved on it by Midjourney
black and white minimalistic drawing of a smooth rock pillar with runes engraved on it --v 6.0 --s 20
Snowy glacier with a body of water by Midjourney
A stunning high-definition photo of Lake Vostok, utilizing modern photographic techniques to showcase the pristine and untouched nature of the environment. The image will feature the glistening surface of the ice with subtle reflections of the Antarctic sky, creating a contemporary and trend-forward visual. Created Using: advanced digital photography, high dynamic range, crystal-clear resolution, natural light play, reflective ice, glibatree prompt, minimal human presence, modern aesthetic --ar 16:9 --v 6.0
Penguins on a snowy beach by Midjourney
Antarctic marine life and their habitats. --v 6.0 --style raw --ar 9:16 --s 750 --c 50
Large iceberg with clouds in the sky by Midjourney
Antarctic Glacier, Ice Blue Sky, Wide Angle, fashion sense, perspective shot, magazine photography, c4d --ar 16:9 --v 6.0
Large iceberg in the ocean by Midjourney
photorealistic landscape, Part of the iceberg breaks off and falls into the water in Antarctica, epic landscapes: --ar 16:9 --v 6.0
Large snowy mountain next to water by Midjourney
A sweeping winter landscape dominated by the dramatic face of a towering snow-covered mountain, its massive icy cliffside standing stark against a tranquil polar sky --ar 21:9 --v 6.0 --style raw
Addams Family in a room with a portrait by Midjourney
Addams family in front of the camera | ambient lighting and dark tones | atmosphere of 90s sitcom | dark furniture and obscure details in the background
Pair of brown gloves by Midjourney
A simplified and elegant pair of cashmere gloves inspired by Ainu culture, featuring a subdued brown base color. The design incorporates a single, subtle Ainu motif or pattern, such as a nature-inspired symbol or a geometric shape, located strategically on the wrist or the back of the hand for a refined accent. The overall look aims for minimalism, emphasizing the luxurious texture of the cashmere and the sophisticated simplicity of the design, making the gloves suitable for fashionable wear with a cultural touch, --v 6.0
Dolphin jumping out of water by Midjourney
an illustration of a happy dolphin made out of a series of abstract colors jumping in the sea at sunset, sky light blue background, in the style of nature-inspired compositions, circular color blocks, beautiful color hues, fauna and flora accuracy, playful use of perspective, large scale murals --s 800 --c 5 --ar 30:43 --w 2 --v 6.0
Dolphin jumping out of a wave by Midjourney
3D cartoon funny dolphin jump through a water portal, white backround ,vector, highly detail, colorful, --ar 495:223 --v 6.0
Bowl of candy in a rock by Midjourney
close up high angle overhead photo of a stone well filled to the top with Skittles candies, natural lighing, shot with a Canon EOS R5 with a macro lens --ar 16:9 --style raw --v 6.0 --s 50
Locomotive on a bridge with a woman in a dress by Midjourney
building a railroad in the 1800's in a lofi girl style --v 6.0
Train tracks on a bridge by Midjourney
old broken dirty rusty train tracks, metal beams going in many directions, photorealistic, daylight --v 6.0
Group of teenagers sitting on a bench by Midjourney
university students in the style of Tyler Shields kodachrome color palette eos camera --s 250 --v 6.0 --style raw
Volcano erupting with lava and smoke by Midjourney
xenu movie poster, space opera, zack snyder dceu, scientology, exploding volcano, larry fong 35mm cinematography --ar 2:3 --v 6.0
Volcano erupting with lightning and smoke by Midjourney
erupting volcano, mushroom cloud, lightning, dark red flower on the other side, drizzle, mountains, gray, monochrome, 360 ultra-wide angle shot, real, high definition, 32k --ar 3:4 --v 6.0
Volcano erupting with lava by Midjourney
close up volcano erupting in the style of Denis Villeneuve --v 6.0 --ar 16:9
Volcano erupting with smoke and rocks by Midjourney
Massive volcano explosion with a fast pyroclastic flow with rocks flying. Huge volcanic cloud covering the landscape Realistic 4k --v 6.0
Painting of a volcano erupting by Midjourney
Generate an watercolors painting of a majestic volcanic eruption during twilight, showcasing vibrant lava flows creating a stark contrast against the darkening sky. The scene should be set in a vast, open landscape with rugged terrain. The sky is painted with hues of blue and dotted with soft clouds, hinting at the early night. The volcano itself is a prominent feature, with its slopes glowing with the intense heat of the molten rock. The lava's radiant orange and yellow colors form a mesmerizing pattern of flowing rivulets, while plumes of pinkish smoke rise, adding a surreal quality to the scene. In the foreground, small silhouettes of onlookers can be seen at a safe distance, emphasizing the grand scale of the natural phenomenon. The entire spectacle is a dynamic interplay of natural power and beauty, creating a dramatic and unforgettable image --ar 16:9 --v 6.0 --s 50

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