18 bright Midjourney prompts

Pick one of the resulting images based on bright prompts and use it for your next project.

Girl playing with a pink castle by Midjourney
Prompt text: Enchant Your Princess with the Ultimate Pink Castle Playset --ar 9:16
Room with a large window and a large painting by Midjourney
Prompt text: interior design photo of 2 walls in a modern apartment, partially seen wall on left side with window showing hudson river views in Upstate NY, main wall in center of shot with a gallery of picture frames, --ar 4:5 --v 5.2 --s 250
Bright living room with big window by Midjourney
Prompt text: Zoom-Background interior, scandinavian design, photography 8k --ar 16:9 --v 5.2
Modern pharmacy interior with medications by Midjourney
Prompt text: A virtual pharmacy integrated into a virtual hospital, with patients accessing medications and healthcare products
Modern living room interior in Arabic style by Midjourney
Prompt text: modern interior design, flat, department, Islamic style, Arabic, ultra 8k, highly detailed, wood cladding, large windows, realistic
Living room with empty white frame by Midjourney
Prompt text: living room with empty white frame
Modern aesthetic bedroom with a bed and a chair by Midjourney
Prompt text: bedroom of a modern architectually designed home made from natural materials + concrete & marble, floor to ceiling windows, reflection blue sky, water feature, sparse indoor plants, long focal length, wide shot, simple clean lines + high tech + bauhaus, brutalist inspired + geometric dramatic sweeping pine wood structural details + ultra modern + high ceilings + interior design, highly reflective surfaces + brightly lit, luxurious minimal spacious + polished concrete floor + minimal spacious, very light, cinematic shot + award winning photography, sharpen, highly detailed + professional lighting, photography lighting, realism + lightroom gallery + behance photography, 8k --ar 16:9 --v 4 --s 750
Modern bright laundry room by Midjourney
Prompt text: please create a rendering of a Laundry Room, an exquisite fusion of Amber Interiors and Pottery Barn-inspired styles, seamlessly blending classic and contemporary rustic elements. The first thing you notice is the ceiling, adorned with creamy white bead board, imparting a sense of timeless elegance and warmth. As your gaze travels down, you'll find that the walls are also dressed in bead board creamy white, creating a harmonious and cohesive atmosphere. Beneath your feet, the flooring presents a striking contrast - tan and slate checkered large stone tiles that exude a sense of classic charm and durability, setting the stage for the room's purpose. The room features essential fixtures, including a washer and dryer, seamlessly integrated into the design. The Pottery Barn fixtures throughout the room, along with warm copper finishes, add a touch of rustic sophistication. Storage solutions are ingeniously incorporated, with cabinets boasting mesh wiring cutouts and bead board details. Open shelving above a farmhouse sink, complete with a rod for hanging clothes, adds practicality while maintaining the room's aesthetic charm. Illuminating the space are two decorative retractable farmhouse sconces positioned above the farmhouse sink and the open shelf. These lighting fixtures not only serve a functional purpose but also enhance the room's transitional and traditional appeal. While a rug adds a cozy touch underfoot, the design eschews plants to maintain a clean and uncluttered look. Every detail, from cabinet hardware to pictures of horses above the floating shelf, has been carefully considered to ensure a seamless and cohesive design. Key features include the eye-catching tan and slate large checkered stone tiles, the washer and dryer, the farmhouse sink with a bridge [...]
Traditional stone home with flowers nearby by Midjourney
Prompt text: traditional tudor home with stone front and minimal french country inspiration and whispey flowers and greenery
Big window with a view of garden outside by Midjourney
Prompt text: aluminum window, with garden outside, white wall, at living room have bench
Pink bathroom with shower and houseplants by Midjourney
Prompt text: [Cinematic Bathroom Tradition] [Japanese Closeup Shower] [detailed composition, muted colors, ektar magazine aesthetic] --ar 21:9 --c 10 --style raw
Elegantly designed living room with a fireplace by Midjourney
Prompt text: interior design cosy living room elegant cream colour palette high resolution
Bright living room with a couch and a coffee table by Midjourney
Prompt text: a realistic photograph of a large living room with light brown walls.
Bright boat at sunset by Midjourney
Prompt text: classic cartoon, boat, cell shading, golden hues, clean lines, minimalism --ar 16:9 --s 50
Clouds texture in the bright blue sky by Midjourney
Prompt text: Beautiful sunny day image light fair weather cumulus clouds hyper realistic
Low poly desert landscape by Midjourney
Prompt text: low poly game desert landscape, midday --ar 16:9
Modern bright bedroom with a fireplace by Midjourney
Prompt text: Craft a highly detailed and visually captivating image of a contemporary bedroom, capturing the essence of a renowned interior designer's unique aesthetic. Envision the room with rich oak parquet flooring, evoking a sense of warmth and sophistication. At the heart of the design, visualize a sleek fireplace seamlessly integrated into the wall unit, surrounded by carefully crafted grooves in marble, creating a striking focal point in the room. The marble should exhibit diverse textures, adding depth and elegance to the overall composition. On either side of the fireplace, picture tall cabinets with glass facades, illuminated from within to showcase curated items. These cabinets should exude sophistication and provide a perfect balance between functionality and style. Above the bed, imagine charming ceiling lighting casting a soft, inviting glow, enhancing the ambiance of the room. Integrate a comfortable leather chair adorned with a wool plaid, offering a cozy corner for relaxation and contemplation. Ensure that the image is captured with the perspective of a Canon EOS 850D Body camera and a 35 mm lens, infusing a touch of realism and depth to the visual narrative. Pay meticulous attention to lighting, shadows, and textures, creating a lifelike representation of the designer's vision. Let the image radiate the distinctive style of the chosen interior designer, harmonizing modernity, elegance, and comfort seamlessly. Create a visual masterpiece that embodies the epitome of contemporary luxury, inviting viewers into a world of refined aesthetics and timeless beauty --ar 1:1
Living room with a large arched doorway and a large window by Midjourney
Prompt text: Lobby of luxury resort hotel in the Bahamas, in the style of hotel Cheval Blanc Saint Barth, wicker furniture, light stone floors, high pitched ceilings with light wood and large woven pendants over lobby desk, resort vibe, clean lines, luxury design. --ar 16:9 --s 750

More bright prompts

Pile of french fries by Midjourney
a professional food photogrpahy of a small stack of thin french fries on a pastel bright purple gradient background, 50mm lens, natural lighting --no seasoning --v 6.0 --ar 2:3
Double decker bus on the street with Big Ben by Midjourney
Tour of london --v 6.0 --s 50
Colorful disco ball with lights by Midjourney
a huge disco ball in all colors, dark background, colorful lights everywhere --ar 2:3 --v 6.0
Disco ball with a bright light by Midjourney
1970s disco stage, party, disco ball --v 6.0 --style raw
Taco with arms and legs by Midjourney
Image of a taco with a golden-brown shell and a filling of lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese. The taco character has a joyful expression, standing frontally in a dabbing pose. It is dressed in white gloves and red shoes with white soles, in a playful, cartoonish appearance. The character is in a dynamic pose suggesting dancing. The background is simple and white to contrast with the bright colors of the taco character. The art style is vivid and cartoon-like, with strong line art and shading for a three-dimensional effect. The background is white, clean with no shadow --v 6.0
Colorful cityscape with cars and buildings by Midjourney
1969, an event poster highlighting the Las Vegas Strip --ar 2:3 --v 6.0
City at night with lights by Midjourney
an aerial view of the Las Vegas strip in the middle of Antarctica , 2 in the style of Assassin's Creed, Cinematic, 35mm, F/2.8, Dark Mode, Tones of Black, Light Blue Background, Ultra-HD, Uniform, Evil, Essence, Rim Lights, Moody Lighting, Cinematic Lighting, insanely detailed and intricate, hypermaximalist, elegant, ornate, hyper realistic, super detailed --v 6.0 --style raw
Las Vegas cityscape at night by Midjourney
photo of Las Vegas, Sony a7R IV camera, Meike 85mm F1.8 lens --v 6.0
Building with neon lights by Midjourney
a casino building with the text "Solana Casino" sign at the top, gambling background, bright colors --ar 19:10 --v 6.0
Slot machines in a casino by Midjourney
computer game and casino style, casino, slots, background, cartoon, mixed illustrative styles --ar 16:9 --v 6.0
Casino with a large hall by Midjourney
photo of casino lobby background, blue colors --ar 16:9 --v 6.0
Casino with slot machines and lights by Midjourney
casino interior with slot machines, common view, red and golden colors, --ar 16:9 --v 6.0
Cartoon of a mouth with tongue sticking out by Midjourney
tongue out, flat design, myazaki, closeup, logo, icon --v 6.0
Person walking on a street with a yellow taxi by Midjourney
top view of taxi parking on road, people walking on road, street style, parking, 32k uhd, matte photo, bold linework --ar 16:9 --v 6.0
Car on a road with trees by Midjourney
Minimalistic aerial photography inspired by a Jean-Michel Basquiat painting --ar 9:20 --stylize 250 --v 6.0
Cartoon of a driver and a woman in a yellow taxi by Midjourney
Taxi car front view with driver and passenger --ar 16:9 --v 6.0
Yellow taxi in a city by Midjourney
taxi, lsometric art, Sense of technology, simple dark blue background --ar 4:3 --v 6.0 --s 250
Yellow taxi on a street by Midjourney
upclose front view of creepy taxi car at night under streetlamp --ar 16:9 --v 6.0
Cartoon of a man standing next to a yellow taxi by Midjourney
Taxi driver about 20 years old(half body in the camera), standing leaning against the body of the taxi, in the background silhouette of the city blue background, sunny day, bright picture, 3d cartoon style, chibi art, gta inspired --q 0.5 --v 6.0
Green and yellow paint by Midjourney
vertically running chartreuse brushstrokes, pattern wallpaper --ar 9:16 --stylize 250
Gold star trophy on a brown base by Midjourney
super star award --v 6.0
Colorful cathedral with trees by Midjourney
Strasourg Cathedral in hyperpopular colors --ar 4:5 --v 6.0
Close up of a pig by Midjourney
small Joyful super cute wild boar, cute, in the style of minimalistic drawings, ultrafine detail, light,bright White, beige background, creative commons attribution, mori kei, painted illustrations, serene faces --ar 5:7 --stylize 250 --iw 2 --v 6.0 --style raw
Close up of a bird by Midjourney
mystical beautiful golden eagle looking at camera, bright golden eyes, 3/4 portrait --ar 2:3 --s 750 --v 6.0
Train tracks in a tunnel by Midjourney
In the bright tunnel, the front, optical cable::5 , --no human --ar 16:5 --v 6.0 --style raw
Long tunnel with lights on by Midjourney
realistic photography in wide angle of an underground tunnel leading to a bunker, in the style of moody, cinematic, cold war inspired, 4k, canon r5, 35 mm --ar 16:9 --s 50 --v 6.0
Tunnel with lights and a tile floor by Midjourney
the daily theme is now underground --v 6.0
Colorful tunnel by Midjourney
low poly video game in the style of miyazaki ghibli set in a medieval fantasy world. bright colorful low frequency of detail. The view is inside an underground dirt tunnel with colorful bioluminescent minerals in the walls of the tunnel that light up the tunnel. in the style of studio ghibli --ar 16:9 --v 6.0
Long white tunnel with bright lights by Midjourney
white concrete tunnel, empty, clean, pristine, sterile --v 6.0
Light in a tunnel by Midjourney
fotorealistic dark and Dirty round Tunnel into the light, where the Walls Look Like a gun Barrel in the Style of James Bond Trademark opening scene, black and white, Medium contrasts, slight Film Noir style, --ar 1:1 --s 0 --v 6.0
View of Paris from a window by Midjourney
paris print tee from artprints, dark turquoise and dark gray, poster art, mark brooks, fictional landscapes, stained-glass --ar 2:3 --v 6.0
Stadium with lights and a field by Midjourney
3d rendering of a soccer stadium, in the style of ilya mashkov, light orange and black, c. r. w. nevinson, toyo ito, light sky-blue and dark green, bold outline, dark gray and white --ar 64:31 --v 6.0
Stadium with lights and a football field by Midjourney
stadium meazza by night in fortnite style --ar 3:7 --v 6.0
Football stadium with a green field and seats by Midjourney
An ethereal nocturne of a grand German football stadium, captured under the mystical veil of night. This architectural gem stands as a beacon of sport and culture, its facade illuminated by strategically placed lights that cast dramatic shadows and highlight the intricate design of its structure. The stadium, alive with the silent echoes of past glories, sits under a starlit sky, with the moon casting a serene glow over the empty seats and the hallowed pitch. The scene is captured with a hyper-realistic digital clarity, focusing on the contrast between the vibrant greens of the grass against the dark, brooding night sky. The image is a testament to the quiet majesty of the sport's temples after the fans have departed. The shot is taken with a virtual Leica SL2-S, employing a Summilux 50mm f/1.4 lens, ensuring exquisite detail and atmospheric lighting. The composition balances the artificial illumination with the natural luminescence of the night, creating a compelling narrative of anticipation and reverence. --ar 2:3 --v 6.0
Sports stadium with a green field and blue sky by Midjourney
soccer stadium, bright colors, seen from the field, with lionel messy chibi style and m'bappé and ronaldo chibi style, they must be back to back, chibbu joey choo style drawing , --ar 2:3 --v 6.0
Giraffe with a yellow background by Midjourney
oil painting of a giraffe, close up, wild, nature, powerful, elegant, black and yellow, warm, yellow background, soft broad brush strokes --ar 2:3 --stylize 150 --v 6.0
Giraffe with flowers by Midjourney
Create a minimalistic whimsical and cute giraffe illustration, with simple clean colors, no complicated details, full height,simple abstract giraffe drawing, kids drawing style --v 6.0
Meadow of flowers and trees by Midjourney
In a field in the forrest, there is a meadow full of flowers, stop method, disney style, 8K, high detail --v 6.0
Field of flowers and trees by Midjourney
Create a photorealistic landscape scene of the Kraichgau region by day. The picture should show rolling hills surrounded by lush forests. The atmosphere should be cheerful and inviting, with a bright blue sky and perhaps a few fluffy clouds. Emphasize the natural beauty and tranquility of this rural area:: --aspect 5:4 --version 6.0 --style raw
Painting of a field of flowers by Midjourney
watercolor of a wildflower landscape. muted colors. thick forest in the distance --ar 16:9 --s 250 --v 6.0
Yellow car with a broken hood by Midjourney
jeepney as bumblebee transformer mech --v 6.0
Gorilla wearing sunglasses and smoking a cigarette by Midjourney
an artwork of a gorilla , he is on jungle , dress like an man , cartoon, with futurist sunglasses, smoking weed, weed flower around, bright colors, fire stick, sticker, white, background --ar 2:3 --v 6.0
Can of coconut oil by Midjourney
a product shot of a can of coconut milk, product label facing camera, product photography, bright, white background --v 6.0
Close up of a parrot by Midjourney
Chapada dos Guimarães, landscape, waterfall , macaw::2 with colorful iridescent::3 , wild, visually stunning, chromatic aberration, colour Grading, cinematic lighting, shot on Leica T, Agfa Vista, scenery, movie still, by Wes Anderson --ar 9:16 --s 750 --v 6.0 --style raw
Colorful parrot on a branch by Midjourney
a photograph of a scarlet macaw --ar 4:5 --v 6.0 --style raw
Vacuum cleaner on a rug by Midjourney
An image divided into two equal parts. On the left, a cordless stick vacuum in action, in a bright and minimalist living room, showcasing freedom of movement and the convenience of being cable-free. On the right, a bagged canister vacuum, demonstrating its powerful suction on a thick carpet but limited by the need to stay plugged in. Both sides highlight the respective advantages of each type, providing a direct comparison of their practicality. Realistic photographic style for a clear and balanced illustration. 8k, --ar 16:9 --v 6.0
Display of candy on shelves by Midjourney
candy shop --ar 9:16 --v 6.0 --s 750
Group of colorful candies by Midjourney
collection of bright colourful sweets and candies on fluffy background --ar 16:9 --v 6.0

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