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Prompts Sharing - UI/UX with Midjourney

Hello Prompters 😀 

We’re glad you enjoyed the isometric images topic last Tuesday!

Have you ever needed to generate mockups for a project, such as a website, software or an app?

You probably browsed the Internet countless of times, looking for ideas to add to your vision board.

But did you know that AI-generation image systems can help you generate even more ideas than what you might have thought of?

Let’s explore which prompts allow that! 🚀

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Midjourney - Website mockup

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Prompt: in darkmode, scroll bar ui/ux tech, beautiful button, creative, unique, purple, futuriste, 8k

Prompt: UX UI mockup. 3D. Modern. Innovative. Dark blue with green accent.

Prompt: UI interface design for controlling direction, game style, simplicity and simple operation.

Prompt: Beautiful app interface and logo, racing style, color pallete.

Prompt: UI component design including text button, icon button, slider, checkbox, and dial. style with fluent design

Prompt: minimalist grey design interface page text, insert answer, front view 3d

Prompt: flat clean, game interface, game ui, modern fantasy, fantasy clean, futiristic fantasy, dark interface, Turquoise interface, gold lining, fancy ui, cozy interface

Prompt: high-quality UI design, workflow that tracks process end to end for application between hospitals and vendors for medical devices web app…

Prompt: game Ul, Battle Royale, UI, UX/UE, abstract, high saturation

Prompt: Create a UI set for a female-oriented game that is sleek, with a consistent branding, primarily utilizing shades of purple, blue, and white as the…

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Prompt: UI/UX intetface design side Behance Dribbble, unusual design of an online store selling T-shirts in Japanese style

Prompt: Ensure that the interface is clean, simple and easy to use, system landing page, Chinese input box, account input box and password…

Key Learnings

To create website/software mockup images, you can use keywords such as

  • UX UI

  • mockup

  • interface design

  • 32-bit

  • game interface

  • game UI

One prompt we found even mentioned “trending on Dribbble, Behance”. Most likely, the person wanted to save time by not going through the Dribbble and Behance databases and asked Midjourney to summarize all the best concepts into one for them.

Who knows, maybe one day Midjourney will generate images directly editable within Photoshop, under a .psd format?

Midjourney - UI for Phone Apps

Prompt: Clean and sleek modal box design: violet-pink and black tones, minimalist layout, user-friendly interaction, phone app, white background

Prompt: Design a UI interface for a AMR system app. The requirements include tasks status, vehicle status, MMS management, map route, user login…

This prompt even includes the full requirements of the app and the different screens that should appear. And Midjourney delivered it!

Prompt: Modern, Beautiful nautical simulator ui, elegant design, 2023 The latest trend in design, Neumorphic soft UX/ UI kit for application with…

Prompt: an user interface with Glass morphism style

Prompt: os UI, UX, pygma design, step measurement, design that walks a lot and gets points, simple, high quality, cute character use

Prompt: a user interface for a mobile self-scheduling solution.

Prompt: Create an accessible, high-contrast 'Buy Now' button for e-commerce with UX/UI design and conversion optimization, simple, modern.

Did you notice that this last prompt was about a specific button, and Midjourney created the whole app context around it? How cool is that? 🔥

Remember also to mention your ideal brand colors, and the UI style you prefer (neuromorphic, glass morphism…).

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Together, let’s make prompt sharing easier! If there’s a specific topic you’d like us to research for you, let us know anytime :)

See you next week ⭐

The Imaigic Team

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