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Prompts Sharing - Isometric Images

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Today, let’s cover isometric images! 

Wait, what are isometric images for?

AI-generated isometric images can be incredibly useful in various fields due to their unique perspective and ability to represent complex scenes in a simplified yet detailed manner. Here are some use cases:

  • Architecture, Urban Planning, Interior Design: When you need to showcase architectural designs, urban layouts, and infrastructure projects, offering a clear view of how structures relate to each other in a 3D space, isometric images are key. It also helps clients visualize interior layouts and designs, showing how furniture and decor elements occupy a space. 🛋️

  • Design a Video Game: You may need isometric images to create game environments and levels, especially for strategy and simulation games, providing a comprehensive view of the game world. 🎮

  • Create Educational Materials: Need to create images for textbooks or online courses to illustrate concepts in geography, engineering, or science, making complex information more accessible and engaging? 📚

  • Design an Advertising Campaign: Isometric illustrations make marketing materials more visually appealing and informative, especially for products or services related to construction, urban services, or technology. 📱

AI-generated isometric images are particularly valuable because they can be created quickly and tailored to specific requirements, making them a cost-effective and versatile tool in many professional fields.

Let’s explore which prompts allow that! 🚀

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Midjourney - Isometric People & Single Objects

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Prompt: “spritesheet isometric person with jeans and white shirt holding camera 8-bit graphics walking”

Prompt: isometric vector icon for simple and fast serialization format open source

Prompt: ui ux elaborate isometric black grey and white 3d icon comprised of a few connected pyramids

Prompt: 3d 32-bit isometric man talking to his cat

Prompt: Vector isometric icon that abstractly represents artificial intelligence in the form of computer technology. The icon should be modern… [click here to read]

Prompt: vector graphic, a set of b-end system icons, isometric icon, white background, simple minimal, 4k

Prompt: a minimal isometric icon depicting Restoration in construction industry, in yellow and grey color

Prompt: gang-bangers standing on a corner talking together, isometric, pixel art

Prompt: isometric design of pedestrian flow in a park with a visible arrow to show direction of walking, tricolor,

To create isometric images, you can use keywords such as

  • Isometric

  • 3d

  • 32-bit

  • Vector icon

  • Isometric icon

  • Vector graphic

  • Pixel art

You can mention the colors you’re looking for, the scene or the particular object to be described, and the background too (plain color if you wish to edit the image later on Photoshop).

Midjourney - Isometric Buildings

You can build an entire isometric city of your own style!

Prompt: 3d 32-bit isometric anime cinema (pastel colors)— v 4

Prompt: isometric 2d style bank

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Prompt: Subject:Isometric view of a cartoon character in a boxed room, white backround in the style of a pixel game | Colors: Ghibli | retro, 4 bits, minimalistic

Prompt: create big beautiful and simple isometric qr code, movie theatre, solid backgorund

Prompt: a minimal isometric icon depicting Design & Build being done in construction with focus on the sparks from interior design , in yellow and gray colour palette.

Prompt: Subject :Isometric view of a cartoon character in a boxed room, white backround in the style of a pixel game, fill room with random objects…..

Prompt: Isometric view of a cartoon character in a boxed room, white background in the style of a pixel game medium: Pixelated in 168x168bits

Prompt: Man sitting in Tokyo apartment, Japan isometric, 3d, high detail, white background, no outline, clean pixel art

Prompt: isometric low poly backyard skatepark full of bowls ramps and grinding spots

Prompt: isometric view of characters building UI in yellow and blue colors, lego characters, construction workers in factory, fabrication site, floating elements….

Prompt: smoothing flowing assembly line, minimalist, isometric game style

Prompt: 3d isometric model, sprites, bank, tom whalen, blue and white, white background

Prompt: a digital forensics and incident response company in isometric 8-bit pixel block

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