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Prompts Sharing - Choose Your New Home

Hello Prompters ☀️

You may need one day some AI-generated interior design pictures, without them being related to a real, existing place!

What for? Well, many things. For example, those pictures will allow you to:

  • Visualize new architecture plans: When you want to pitch a concept that's not yet realized, such as a new type of workspace or a futuristic home design, AI-generated images can help visualize these ideas before they are physically built! 🖥️

  • Product Mockups: For products that are still in the design phase, you can use AI-generated interiors to create realistic settings for product mockups, showing how the product would look in a potential real-world environment. 💄

  • Brand Storytelling: If you want your brand to tell a unique story or convey a particular lifestyle, you can use AI-generated images to create scenes that might not exist in reality but align with your brand narrative. 📖

  • Customization for Target Audiences: You can use AI to tailor interior scenes to specific demographics or customer preferences, creating more personalized and targeted advertisements. 👥

Let’s explore which prompts allow that! 🚀

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Midjourney - Interior pieces

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Prompt: An opulent room bathed in natural light , where the centerpiece is a large , awe -inspiring "Tree of Life " mural on the primary wall… [click here to read the rest]

A very poetic piece, for literature and art lovers ♥

Prompt: interior police inspector office, Chicago in the 1920s, hyper-realistic, map of Chicago on the wall --ar 3:2 --s 50 --style raw

Prompt: highly detailed photo hyperrealistic of Hans Wegner ch24 wishbone chairs in a dining room setting , modern , lots of natural light - -ar 1 6 :9

Prompt: A laundromat employee smiling and laughing while looking inside of a red tote bag they are holding, modern clothing. Soft natural light. Pair… [click here to read]

Prompt: shame Generate a stunning ultra HD 3840x2160 169 AI-rendered la

Prompt: A lined lion design Para Hand Woven Chunky Jute with Fringe Natural 3 ft. x 5 ft. Area Rug in a spatial luxury sitting room,very high detail reproduction,8K, --s 750.

Prompt: Mediterranean interior design

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Prompt: home office space that is white. Modern leather desk chair and acrylic accent chairs. A desk in the foreground with bookshelf behind that is filled with…

I would work 24/7 on that desk with such a beautiful scenery.

Prompt: Interior of the lobby of a modern office building, blue sky and white clouds outside, Hasselblad h6d-400c, ultra hd image, modernism, glossy finish, event --ar 16:9 --v 4 --s 750

What would you fill this lobby with?

Prompt: coat rack with hanging doctor's coat, realistic photo, --v 5.2

Prompt: modern shaker master bedroom wardrobe, vray style, neoclassical simplicity, contrasting light and shadow, helene knoop, wood, dark gray, classic modern

Prompt: blank wall in hospital recovery room, photo realistic, LED overhead lighting, neutral gray tones, cenimatic lighting, --ar 4:3

Let’s step outside now!

Midjourney - Exterior Design

We’ll go from Iowa, Georgia, to even the dreamy architecture of the Middle East…

Prompt: external view of traditional sutton coldfield georgian house with sash windows, red brick, front driveway garden with iron gates, high quality, 4K --ar 16:9 --v 5.2

Prompt: stone shapped hotel units on the beach , in south sinai beach , beautiful beach , palm trees , small stones on the beach , luxury tents…

Prompt: whitewashed narratives, deserted building, in the style of editorial architecture and interiors, award-winning photography, crumpled…

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Prompt: Abandoned mid century modern house in the forest

A part of me wants to go renovate this house and live in it.

Prompt: Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired residence majestically positioned amidst the picturesque cornfields and rolling hills of Iowa….

Is there a swimming pool on each roof?

Prompt: realistic photo of a superb traditional house in spain, highlighted by the sunset and sea in background --ar 16:9 --s 250

This is my next summer residence.

Prompt: 5 Steps to Help Real Estate Investors Prepare to Sell Their Rental Property --v 5.2 --s 50

Prompt: solar panels on a house in the UK

Prompt: Architectural renders or real footage displaying various aspects of the saudi restaurant 's design , from palaces to desert forts - -ar 1 6 :9 - -s 750

Prompt: Architectural renders or real footage displaying various aspects of the saudi restaurant 's design , from palaces to desert forts - -ar 1 6 :9 - -s 750

Midjourney - Sometimes it just rains

We hope you have a good weather today! AI can also help you visualize weathers through a window, in different settings.

Prompt: misty white glass window raindrops condensation overlooking mountains --s 250 --ar 16:9

Prompt: foggy brown glass window raindrops condensation overlooking trees --s 250 --ar 16:9

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See you next week for more prompts ⭐

The Imaigic Team

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